Welcome to American Financial Advisors, LLC

Wealth management is critical for a generation that will live 25-30 years past retirement. 
We live in a world where uncertainty and volatility are a way of life. 
Professional, disciplined advice is valuable to all of us. 

Let us help you succeed
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Then join us in 2015 for our educational seminar series to learn more.

We highlight the many issues encountered in retirement - including estate planning
considerations, social security decisions and insurance needs.
We will also present our outlook on the markets for the remainder of 2014 and beyond. 
You will enjoy a great lunch with many opportunities for discussion and questions.  

Our Guiding Principles 
-- Realistic goals are achieved through discipline, asset allocation, and low fees.
-- Trust is based on integrity and understanding who you are.

-- Each model portfolio is designed to balance risk and return.

-- Diversification is stressed to reduce risk and preserve capital.

-- We help you maximize your resources -- to maintain your lifestyle.