Financial and Life Planning

We help you achieve both your financial and family related goals.

A plan provides both a comfort level & confidence.  Having a plan is the best first step.

Financial planning helps with both short and long-term goals. We offer comprehensive guidance to create a plan, track its progress and make adjustments. This extensive review is provided to our clients at no extra cost or fee.  We use MoneyGuideProTM planning software — the best in the industry.  Contact us to begin the planning process and achieve greater peace of mind.

The Steps to a successfull investment experience make sense:

• Establish the Relationship -- Are we compatible in both philosophy & strategy?
• Determine Goals -- Discuss "needs" vs. "wants".
• Evaluate Client Info -- Gather info - income, assets, etc. to build total picture.
• Set plan in motion -- Savings vehicles, risk mgmt., comfort level, set up accounts.
• Monitor & make adjustments -- Re-balancing, dollar cost averaging, unforeseen events.
• Review periodically to ensure on track.

Income Sources

Coordinating and managing the various sources of income you may have in retirement can be complicated. We help you resolve your questions. Your financial plan will address these potential sources:

• Social Security
• IRA’s
• Pensions
• Inheritances
• Military Pensions
• VA Benefits
• Healthcare Options

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